Magento 2: How to store variables in the flag table?

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How to store variables in the flag table Magento parts involve this table as key-value storage for any information if the extra creation table is above. As a Magento developer, we prefer to store data like configuration variables inside core_config_data. However, it has cache constraints.

The table core_config_data involves the configuration cache, which is good. However, Magento also provides the table flag to store variables as key-value pairs.

Let’s see how we can store variables in the flag table.

namespace SbDevBlog\FlagExample\Services;

use Magento\Framework\FlagManager;

class SaveToFlagService
   private FlagManager $flagManager;
   public function __construct(
       FlagManager $flagManager
    ) {
        $this->flagManager = $flagManager;

    *. Set Configuration Value
    *. @param string $flagCode
    *. @param mixed  $value
    *  @return void
   public function setConfigFlagValue($flagCode, $value):void
        $this->flagManager->saveFlag($flagCode, $value);
    * Get Configuration Value From Flag By Code
    * @param string $flagCode
    * @return mixed
   public function getConfigFlagValue($flagCode):mixed
        return $this->flagManager->getFlagData($flagCode);

This is the simplest way to set and get custom variables from the table flag.

We have injected the class Magento\Framework\FlagManager in our constructor and initialised it in our class variable flagManager.

In the method setConfigFlagValue, we have saved the variable into the table with the name flag by passing $flagCodeas the string type of the variable and mixed value as the $value parameter.

The method getConfigFlagValue is used to get the configuration value from the table flag. We need to pass $flagCodeas the parameter, which is a string. We will get the value according to the variable we have passed as $flagCode

That’s it. I hope you like this article. Let’s use the Flag table for necessary data storage instead of creating a new table or using the core_config_data table.

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